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Paidfairly offers salary survey data which include base salary, bonus and long term incentives for over 50,000 benchmark positions highly in demand across many industries and locations.

Paidfairly statistically derives data points

Paidfairly statistically derives data points by interpolates and then extrapolates real employer-reported compensation data points based on revenue, industry and location.

Intellectual Capital

Paid Fairly Grahall is an intellectual capital firm that provides services to clients seeking to maximize the value exchange between organizations and individuals.

About Us

Paidfairly provides free pay information! To do this, we analyze employer-reported pay data and create comprehensive reports based on revenue, industry, and location. Create comprehensive and highly accurate estimates of position pay levels taking into account the size of the organization, the location, and industry.


Our significant staff includes dozens of compensation experts with over 40 years of experience determining pay levels for some of the largest organizations in the world.

In addition, we employ data scientists, psychologists, recruiters, lawyers, and other related experts.

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Paidfairly provide services to individuals and organizations seeking to maximize the value exchange between organizations and individuals.

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There are many benefits of using interpolation and extrapolation for deriving statistically accurate compensation information. These statistical strategies allow companies to gauge current market conditions, and to compensate fairly for both the organization and the employee. Using this strategy, there is no longer a need to hire a compensation analyst to look through all the raw data reports from participating companies as this can be time-consuming and costly for your organization. By using statistically proven methods, we combine the raw data, and smooth it out for you, giving benchmarks for your organization to use in a timely and cost-effective manner.


Grahall consultants have worked with over 3000 organizations including;

JP Morgan Chase & Co., IBM, Leading Hotels of the World, WebMD, Citi Bank, Marriott, Thompson Reuters, Saudi Aramco, and JetBlue Airways


Typically there is a gap in the known value, and interpolation is the process of estimating the values within the gap. When applied to compensation data, data points such as revenue, industry, and location can be accurately estimated. Extrapolation is defined as an estimation of a value using a sequence of facts and numbers beyond the range area that is generally known. This means that inferences are made based on existing patterns and existing information.